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URL Helper 3.42
*fixed a bug of finding rtmp stream <playpath>

URL Helper 3.41
*fixed some bugs

URL Helper 3.4
*Improve on capturing rtmp link
*capture "Content-Type" of http link

URL Helper 3.33
*Capture rtmp link from get command of http protocol
*Some minor improvements

URL Helper 3.32
*Fixed a bug for capturing rtmp stream URL(from, ...)

URL Helper 3.31
*Capture more information for live rtmp stream(, ...), please download the rtmp URL by HiDownload 7.52 or higher.
*Remove the reduplicate URL from media files list

URL Helper 3.3
update: capture the domain name instead of ip address

URL Helper 3.2
Capture rtmp stream address.
Add "Media Files" category list

URL Helper 3.1
Add "Download automatically by HiDownload" options
Fixed some bugs

URL Helper 3.03
fixed a bug of installation.

URL Helper 3.02
Capture more details of HTTP URL
Add the menu of "download by HiDownload"

URL Helper 3.01
improve on some features

URL Helper 3.0
We have re-written URL Helper 3, and cancel the temp files. We will continue to add the other features of previous version 2.

URL Helper 2.91
* Add Add the "" flash video website in "FLV Helper"

URL Helper 2.9
* Add "Flv Helper"

URL Helper 2.85
* fixed some bugs
* Add the Online URLHelper, help you save directly flv files from website, more detail, please

URL Helper 2.83
* fixed a bug about download automatically URLs

URL Helper 2.82
* Download automatically URLs with the specific string
* Download automatically with HiDownload(6.97 or Higher version)
* Small Main window

URL Helper 2.81
* Add Spanish Language
* fixed a bug

URL Helper 2.8
* Upgrade the lastest version WinPCap 4.03
* fixed some bugs

URL Helper 2.72
* improve on build-in downloader feature, support record iTune Radio

URL Helper 2.7
* Add build-in simply downloader
* Save automatically, and other website's flash video.
* Support proxy server

URL Helper 2.6
* Add new function for Searching URL
* Add Turkish language

URL Helper 2.2
* Fix some bugs.
* Support Multi-Language.


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